Coatscale Remover is a blend of vegetable oils, driers, wetting agents and corrosion inhibitors. Its pri-mary use is as a rust remover and temporary corrosion inhibitor in seawater ballast tanks, prior to application of permanent protective coatings. Coatscale Remover penetrates the porous rust and seeks to the fresh steel surface underneath, where it spreads out making a thin, oily film that loosen the rust. Upon drying, the film ex-pands and "push off" the rust in flakes. Coatscale Remover then dries to a soft, non-sticky coating, which gives a temporary corrosion protection of the fresh metal against seawater and humidity. Coatscale Remover is safe both to the environment and to personnel handling it. It does not contain any hydrocarbon solvents or oils, and all ingredients are completely biodegradable and environmental friendly. Prior to further treatment of the tank surfaces, Coatscale Remover may be removed by the use of a 20% solution of "UNITOR AQUATUFF HIGH FOAM" and high pressure equipment. Then flush with fresh, clean water and leave the surface to dry.Coatscale Remover may also be used for other purposes, i.e. as a semi-hard coat for protection of steel and metal surfaces against atmospheric corrosion.

Our application Program is designated and designed for use in older vessels ballast tanks and void space, 10/12 years plus. Our application Program for removal of Rust & Scale Sheet and temporary protection of remaining sound steel is designated and designed for use in older vessel ballast tanks and has been running since the preliminary Concept was put in place back for trials in December 2003. Trials have ever since been running focusing both on onshore objects and offshore targets.During the running test and trial project programs we have been able to inspect and make surveys of ballast tanks for thus actual trial vessels gathering the evidence of the detachment and protection progress, which is observed crucial in order to build up the documentation necessary.

Based on our latest "Achievement Result Presentation" dated back in June 2005 and a product test conducted by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) we are now pleased to be in the position to present details gathered from several trial vessels applying "CoatscaleRemover". The concept went comercial after the testprogram conducted by DNV 2006.Results this far in time is very satisfactory creating an additional opportunity for thus Owners whom want to perform an even more cost efficient operation for the future.


Before treatment

After Treatment