General characteristics:
• Blended boiled Linseed oils, driers, wetting agents and corrosion inhibitors.
• Ready to use clear, mild (or faint) odor, liquid, red in colour, supplied in 210 lit UN metal drums (at 250 C, density 0.95 g/ml, viscosity 41 cSt).
• Non-hazardous and fully biodegradable.
• Practically unlimited shelf life.
• Stable after freezing and thawing..
• Once applied, it dries to a semi-hard, light yellow transparent coat, which is mildly adhesive (non-slip). Does not lift-off or stick on shoes.

Primary function: Rust and scale remover. Penetrates the substrate, extracts during curing and separates the scale layers. Achieves pre-cleaning equivalent to ISO 8501-1, D Sa 2, or better.

Secondary function: Temporary corrosion inhibitor, providing protection between 24 to 30 months or longer depending on application area prior to touch up requirement.

Prime use: Ballast tank treatment.

Estimated accumulated consumption: To reach a scale-free surface equivalent to ISO 8501-1 D Sa 2 or better, typically consumption will range from over 13m2/lt, for a thin 75 μ oxide layer, to 3m2/lt, for a 2500 μ rust/scale layer measured by an "Elcometer", which in average is equal to (visual) heavy scale Grade "L" 5,000 μ, (Elcometer not applied to measure actual density of the most heavy scale layers). Accumulated consumption after repeated applications might range from 1.33 to 0.83m2/lt but most likely less. (Instrumentation for measurement is recommended)

Summary of advantages:
• Safe to the environment and fully biodegradable.
• User safe and easy to apply, such as by vessel's crew with use of common shipboard spray paint equipment, thus reducing off-hire time.
• CSR II dries twice as quickly seen in comparison to "CSR", tanks can be ballasted within the same day or next from the time of application.
• CSR II is clean and safe to inspect once dry (surface curing).
• Semi-hard, anti-slip, bright/shiny appearance, odourless and thus accepted by Class surveyors.
• Extends lifetime of vessel creating a semi hard film, which is containing corrosion inhibitor. Protects for more than 2,5 years, touch up recommended.
• Hot work is allowed direct to applied and cured surface. (To be re-checked!)
• Protects and prolongs the life expectancy of existing hard coating systems.
• Reduces the lightship weight by removal of rusty substrates, thus saves fuel and increases cargo carrying capacity.
• Cost efficient in use, cheaper than mechanical treatment, grit or UHP blasting.
• Removable prior to the preparation for a hard paint system application.
• Once the treated surface has reached ISO 8501-1 C/D Sa 2 and coated with an approved hard paint system, it will be accepted by the Class for a 5-year period of approval.
• Reliable quality of manufacture guaranteed by UNITOR CHEMICAL A/S.

Stocks: Presently maintained at stock in Norway and Taiwan. (Trial batch is produced and kept in stock for Commercial use only!)